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Morning Jacaranda

40"x 30"

Oil on Canvas


At my home in San Miguel de Allende an ancient and joyful Jacaranda tree bids welcome to many species of birds, and twinkling morning light through feathery leaves.  In Springtime the Jacaranda bursts forth with the most puffy luscious purple blossoms.  I waited months with huge anticipation for the annual Jacaranda bloom.  Finally its here! 

Morning light twinkles like yellow green  through the lush purple blossoms.  The light and color just caught my breath.

I needed to capture this sensation.

The trees havent noticed our problems and the landscape still has that ability to lift us up emotionally and show us every moment how precious and beautiful life is.

Morning Jacaranda

IPI / ICMS / ISS incl.
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